Alexandra Khan

I was born in Frankfurt on the Main
as a Swiss I grew up near Zurich
practical idealist with intuitive foresight
my father, an Afghani,
comes from a land
I know only what I have read
through books and narratives
from 1982 to 1988 I lived and worked in Florence
as a specialist in the fashion industry
while studying psychology and art history
my ever present passion for painting
flourished within me and
I started to work as a self taught artist
In 1996 I attended the International
Summer Academy in Salzburg
studying under Jacobo Borges (Venezuela)
and in 2008 studying under Mohamed Abla (Egypt)
2009 to 2011 I lived in Costa Rica, Central America
I traveled to Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras
development as an artist and in my painting
school of life
2018 International Summer Academy Venice, Italy
studying under Attila Szücs (Hungary)
over the last 30 years as an artist,
I have been expressing thoughts and emotions
centered deep within my inner being
through my work
the bases of these motivating forces draws from
my outward prospective
on the plight to meld
spiritual, philosophical and ethical
ideals into every day life
through these observations, I drive the subject
and title of my next artistic composition
my themes of my work
focus on bridging the gap
in between differences in
people, opinions, schools of thoughts
and ways of life
Through my artistic expressions of
this incessant struggle,
I am given courage, hope, optimism
and motivation to continuously expand
my consciousness and
maintaining my curiosity about life
my paintings are stories from a faraway world
which can be found in each of us
but to which we have partially lost access
join me for a moment on a fascinating search for traces
on this search we will find familiar besides apparently unknown
and the thought that in our lives
everything is intervowen in a mysterious and magical way